Friday, 30 November 2012

Genting Highland

Hi readers :)
Again, I'm going to update about my holiday years ago.I really don't want my memories to fade away as time pass by...and I'm getting older.. haha nonsense  .
 This entry gonna be about me in GENTING HIGHLAND.
I went there for the second time but I haven't play those extreme dangerous game.The first time I went there I was still young and my dad did not let me play them.I was pretty sad.
The second time I went with my auntie and uncle and their cute sons.Since there's no partner (with the same age) to play with,it will be no fun you know to play those screaming-game.So I just keep myself close to my family and did family games like entering ghost house,taking a ride around the theme park area and play kid game with Aqeef (the little cousin) . It was still wonderful experience .The next time I go, I will make sure I taste each of the games ! *ada berani ke aku  nih ?  Already plan with my BFF to go there together ,can't wait for that moment ! But for now.. I'll show you the pictures of me on top of the hill once upon a time...
Maksu closed her eyes.She was scared. In cable car.
With Afeeq
her name is Elly if i'm not mistaken.
Taking a ride around the theme park .Afeeq got tired and fall  asleep
Paksu crossed the brigde first and snap our picture
Rawrrrrr !! omg ! I'm so scareddd :P
That's my Paksu btw 
Is it "garuda "? I don't know
hope to be in real LONDON one day

ok last pix for this entry ,tehee

We went there in the morning and come back in the evening.Quite tired but It was worth to spend some time there .
Till next entry,bubye !
~thanks for reading~

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

tuto : centerkan header


Hi! for the first time in my life to make a tutorial.HAHA. I'm not a specialist in designing or editing but still, I wanna share this knowledge and it is for my own usage in future.sayang kan kalau suatu hari nanti saya terlupa.At least kalau tak ingat nanti boleh refer kat sini.sebenarnya kan dah lama sangat saya nak centre-kan header tanpa guna washed denim template or other template.Hari nih baru jumpa caranya. Saya guna template yang disediakan oleh Blogspot je which is :
kalau selain picture window template, tak sure lah boleh pakai ke tak tuto nih, but try je lah ea.

okay lets start with the first step.
Upload dulu image untuk dijadikan header.
Dashboard --> template --> edit HTML
lepas tu, cari kod ni

.Header img, .Header #header-inner {

dah jumpa ?
macam yang kat bawah ni ??

bawah yang warna biru tu, tambah code yang kat bawah ni :

  margin-$startSide: auto;
  margin-$endSide: auto;

biar jadi macam ni, 
see the pink one ?

k last sekali, preview lahh . kalau jadi save .
senang kan ?
 bye2 for now !

credit to : kak lyssa

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

cameron highland

Goodnight for those who are sleeping. I'm bored to death ! ohmyenglish
Hey hey ! I just viewing my old pictures. And found some beautiful precious memories inside those photos.So, rather than I'm babling about something that might make your eyes smaller ,smaller and finally fall asleep,so I thought of sharing about my journey to somewhere I used to far I haven't been to oversea,but one day InshaAllah..
Let's start with cameron highland.A common place that everyone in Malaysia already went. It was a long time ago, I can hardly describe it.Well.Let the pictures speak, olraitte ???

Ladang teh 
okay dah keluar dah gambar amik sendiri .ignore me . look at the beautiful scenery at the back .

Cantik tapi berduri. kalau korang paham maksud nyer. 

kolam bentuk love . Kat dalam tuh ada banyak syiling . kononnya  hajat akan termakbul kalau baling syiling dalam tuh.Rasenye bagi untung tukang cuci kolam tu jer. 

kat ladang strawberry yang ada sebijik dua je. buahnya. HAHA
bila cameron, haruslah semua nya berasas kan strawrrrr -beri kan
I always dream of golek-2 ,guling-2 in lavender , tapi bunga nih je  yang hade . huhu
okay ni last. haha. masa dekat apartment kat cameron.

Alamak gambar masih banyak nih. nak sambung next entry ke tak ?? Memang tak la.. Kalau ceghita pasal holiday kat Paris okay lah jugak kannn, ni setakat cameron.
Tapi walau kat mana pon, bersyukur lah kalau kita dapat menikmati keindahan yang dicipta oleh-Nya .
so guys, see you in next entry okeh.
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

driving (KPP) test


Wahh. hari ni pagi2 lagi dah bangun sebab hari ni kita ada ujian teori untuk dapatkan lesen L .Lesen belajar memandu(LDL),ayat buku derrr. Huh, pening baca buku panduan tuh.Yess I did read the whole book and skip part yg pasal kesalahan (yang ada seksyen tuh). And yess I did all the questions at the back.Skema .right ? haha tak kesah. Some of my friends said,
"alaaaa,, aku tak baca pon. Lulus jugak. "
Serious bila dengar camtuh I wanna do the same thing.Who wants to read everything right ? While some of my friends said "baca je buku tuh,and then jawab semua soalan kat belakang buku tu haa,InshaAllah boleh lulus." I decided to read because I know my level  when it comes to memorizing.And I need to read to slow down my heart beats(nervous ) . Haha. Gelabah kan ?
Whatever la, but a great thanks to ALLAH. Alhamdulillah, I got full mark. syukur sangat2. Btw, aku ada download contoh2 soalan tuh yang aku dapat dari websites hamba2 Allah ni.Mana lah tau dapat membantu korang or kawan2 yang akan ambil lesen nanti kan.

ujian jpj 1

ujian jpj 2

setakat hari ini fail kat atas ni masih boleh di download,tapi kalau dah invalid paham2 lah mediafire kan ada expired date . Google je lah untuk dapatkan yang latest version. okeyh? Esok aku akan start masuk bengkel.Harap2 semuanya okay and run smoothly.
Till then, bubye !