Thursday, 21 August 2014

Si Kecik

Hey ya oll! Long time no write,feel a lil bit awkward to tap on this keyboard.Blank,no idea of what to write,losing mood.Arsh,such negative vibes strike in! Until today...Finally got a reason to write again.
Today,today,today is a very special day.
Today belongs to someone’s special in my life.
It’s her day.
How I wish I could hug her tightly and whisper “May I spoil your day?”.
I’m thinking of how to spoil her special day. How about I make a little scene about her?Telling the world how baddddd she is? Keluaq tanduk!
First met her in CFS,PJ in 2011.She was one of my roomate.Okay first thing came across when I met her was “kecik nyaa budak ni?” kekeke.Mula-2 dapat tahu dia amik kos perubatan,I was like “pfffttt boleh tahan tough walaupun kecik”. After get to know her,I realise one thing,this LITTLE girl owns a very BIG HEART. And her level of maturity is like......counting........loading..........200% maybe :P
Okay,serious.Dia sangat-2 matured.She knows a lot of thing.How to do this and that.To handle those and these.Most important,she just know how to handle me which is the hardest thing to do on earth.
Dia ni dulu sangat anti-sosial.Dia dengan laptopnya.STUDY LAH KOT! No no no no.Dia tak nerd macam most of medic student.Dia dengan laptopnya sebenarnya ada serious relationship.KPOPERSSS bhaiiiii =.= Bila dia dengan Azyy bercerita pasal kpop,fuh macam mengumpat pasal jiran sebelah.Macam pakcik2 kpop tu duduk sebelah bilik.semua depa tahu.
Dulu susah gila nak bergambar dengan budak nih.ANTI-CAMERA gamaknya.Tapi tulah.....Dia yang dulu bukanlah yang sekarang...HERHERHER.Sekarang kemain selfie oi.kemain.kemain.kemain. Kalah Iolls :P
Orang yang tak kenal dia maybe nampak dia ni innocent.BUT be AWARE! Hahahahaha.
Dia sebenarnya sangat-2 HAPPY GO LUCKY,the exact word,GILA-2! Sebab tu best hidup dengan dia.Bila kat UIA kuantan ni,tak sama bilik dengan dia,rasa sunyi sangat.SERIOUS SEDIH!
Dia susah sangat nak marah orang.Sangat susah.apa aku main tukar ayat pasif ayat aktif pulak ni.
Oh well,Coz She is COOL.Tak pernah melenting.Aku buat lah apa pun,tak pernah marah.Kadang-2 terpikir,dia ni takde emosi ke ? WAKAKA.
She is a good listener J Never fail to listen to my stories from the serious talk to the crap talk,she just listen.Sekarang life dia makin busy.But she is always there when I need her.ALWAYS!
Bila aku tengah broken heart macam orang gila,pukul 11 malam,dia datang ke bilik aku just to comfort me.Bilik dia jauh kot.Naik turun tangga.Keje sekolah lagi banyak.But she just left all and be with me on my tough moment.Yup,dia bat dan azyy.SUMPAH KAWAN AKU SAMPAI SYURGA.
Apa je yang aku tak bagitau dia?Semua aku bagitau.Big things,small things,just everything.Coz she is trustable.
Kalau nak tulis semua kebaikan dia,tak habis nih.Banyak sangat. HAHA.Okay,nak cakap something lah kat tuan yang aku duk describe panjang-2 nih.
Dear syafa,
Knowing you is a gift.
Having you is a bless.
Losing you will surely be like in HELL.
When my life is a mess,you are one of the reason,I got my faith up again.You held my hand through all of these years.I will always remember the strength you gave to me.I anggap you macam my own sister.
Thankyou for all your advice,spirits,words of wisdom and everything you gave.THANK YOU so much.
Dear GOD,
You can take “him” away from me.But NEVER take this special girl after YOU BLESSED me with her presence.PLEASE NO COZ I LOVE HER TOO MUCH! :’)
And make her LOVE ME also. J
I wish you all the best in your life.May you meet the great soulmate one  fine day.Be whatever you wanna be.And remember,give yourself a break from the hard life,and be happy ,okay?You are a strong woman,You will SURVIVE. J


I like this picture sebab you nampak cute macam kartun mirmo zibang.hekhek.

Looking like a princess outside and indeed a true princess inside


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