Tuesday, 18 June 2013

good bye foundation

Wahhh rindunyer nak menaip. I’m on my school-break now. SCHOOL ? hey i left that 3 years ago!
Well people, I got good news which is actually good for me only.I have done with my foundation in physical science at UIAM petaling jaya.So now I got three months break with nothing to do with no job with no wifi at home ! Yeah believe it or not ,my big brother  cut off the streamyx! Urghhh. But he got me a new phone where I could still subscribe to internet but it is limited ! damnn !!! again,urgh.
Oooh whatever,
Alhamdulillah after two years I finally finished the foundation and now waiting for degree offer letter.I don’t know what to say because all my friends at other universities already moved with a degree life and I’m right here still waiting ?! again,urgh.
For those who don’t know why I took two years for foundation.Well,that’s how UIA’s system works.It depend on course that you get.Let me share if you dont mind to read.
There are one year,one and half year and two years  of foundation in UIA.
For physical science course we have to undergo two years of foundation.
For Engineering , one and half year.
For AED ,one year.
For other courses, I... don’t ....know.
Well it is kinda wasting time when your friend outside  of UIA only spend one year in foundation and then move on to degree.Tapi yang best nyer you got a lot of time . FREE time.
My experience,everyday I only got 2 or 3 class. Maximum 6 hours.Minimum 2 hours per day.And we don’t really have class on Friday.If we do ,we would change the class to Sunday Monday Tuesday
Wednesday or Thursday.So Friday is our midvalley day!
Boleh kata life in UIA was kinda rilex,slow and steady .Of course there is no need to rush when you have two years to finish something which could be done in one year. Tak macam tempat lain .Wake up early ,go to class at eight and then come back at 6.PATHETIC ! HAHAHHA *evil laugh*
And UIA give me a very long sem break.minimum a month.Maximum 3 months.
Naaahh.Everything has pros and cons buddy.It is just fair and square.
I met awesome roomates at UIA PJ
Nik azyyati syuhada
Siti nur as-syafa
Nurul Batrisya

They got a very nice names ,aren’t  they ?They are my super duper awesome amazingly sweet brilliant roomates! They are now officially my siblings.I have no doubt to take them into my soul and lock  them safe in there.I heart them so much.Okay move on.I will make a special post about them later.HAHA.
The only problem with UIA is the pak guard.They don’t let you go out and in easily if you wear something not long enough and loose enough.
Urgh,I don’t want to remember bad things .Because somehow  there are more beautiful memories there.And since I’m too tired to proceed ,I will just conclude that for me UIA PJ is one of the BEST place I ever been.
Alhamdulillah I have known the whole result for my foundation.It is good.Really good actually.NOT GOOD enough to be exact.Maybe they should make it three years for foundation so that I could have more time to study.erk ?! my bad. Somehow,I got dean list again. Hikhik.isn’t that good ? Alhamdulillah. *smile happily*.I will go and live my degree life in UIA kuantan.GOOD BYE PETALING JAYA. T.T
So three months at home.I got nothing to do.I tried to find a job but still don’t get any.and now I give up to look for a job again.Hello world! I just look for a part time 3 months job not a government permanently job,why is it so hard ? and again.urgh.
Okay peeps.Now I have clean my dusty blog with this meaningful  boring post.whatever you wanna name it.
Okay,till then.bye bye . *waving hand while standing on  flight stair going to nowehere in reality but heading to paris in dream*


  1. hoi. haha. stakat ni aku leh bagitau yg aku suffer a lot in main camp in terms of CGPA. Class on Saturday kills my weekend. Unlimited freedom to go out without being saman by pak gad hensem menjauhkan aku dgn buku-buku. Nyesal x stuggle awai2. hope u learn something from my stupid mistake

    1. haha. kat kuantan wlpn unlimited freedom,surely got nowhere for me to go.gombak lainn. thanks for sharing.inshaAllah aku cuba struggle.hehe


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