Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Oh, dah nak masuk tahun 2013 !  Time flies so fast ,aite ?
For a moment.Close your eyes, and do some flash back of all things that happened in 2012.

Closing my eyes....close....close................

Some of the memories that still fresh in me...

new friends----> Liyana, Aziz,hidayah and many more
celebrating birthday----> mine, lalaish,batty,azyy,syafa

Trip :
Sunway piramid(ice skating)
Genting highland
Putrajaya (my dear's house)

So many things happened yet not all could I remember. Such a forgetful girl. *sigh*
Never mind, It is time to look forward and move on...
Before that, never ever forget to say "ALHAMDULILLAH" for everythings happened.Because all sweetness make you smile and all bitterness should make you grown up, aite ?
Let say it together...
Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah.....Alhamdulillah..................

And thanks alot to those who make my 2012-A great year!!
My Family.My dear.My BFF's.My enemies.
You guys rock!!  \m/
I <3 you ALL !!!

Alright, so what's your plan for 2013 ?
no plan? OMG!
If you fail to plan,then you are planning to fail... Ahaks !

My wishlist for 2013
1. Scholarship *money!money! come to mommy!*
2.New Phone *oh yeahhhh !*
3.Be a better Muslimah.*eherm*
4.Make everyone around me happy.*smile *
5.No more war made by me. *bad girl*

Hope all of these become true......
Most important !!!!!! I want to still alive until world is not meant for me anymore... T.T

Let's start a new life everyone! A new hope.A new begin.

Happy New Year !!


  1. happy new year sayang ^^,

    lets make this year of 2013 the best year of our life, in the eyes of Allah. May all our good deeds meet the pleasure of Him inshaAllah. :)

    have a blast baby.

    1. inshaAllah! syukran jazilan ya ukhti. :')


i will reply later . thankyou . ^^